A collection of my current and past projects for your perusal.

2016 – Have Done List

Every year I make a huge list of creative resolutions that I not only don’t follow through on but which actively hold me back from what I really want to do. This year I decided to do it differently.

Congestion Zone Project

Once upon a time, I walked all the streets of London. Yep. All of them. I wrote a blog along the way to chronicle the journey and found my way on to some lovely websites, TV shows and radio interviews (with the BBC!). Click here to read my account of the journey or on the … Continue reading Congestion Zone Project

30 Mandalas

This month’s project: draw 30 mandalas. Here’s the fruit of that challenge! Although I made more mandalas than I have pictured here, I wanted to show you a sample that reflects the process as a whole, not just the best pieces. Some of them are absolutely awful and that’s part of the reality of testing … Continue reading 30 Mandalas