Diving Updates!

Hey there!

I wanted to let you know that I recently shifted all my diving content to our blog We Are Divers (which you can find with the previous link or through the What I Write About section at the top).

My goal with the site is to share the underwater world with non-divers and diving newbies as well as those with lots of dives in their log book, so even if you’ve never set foot in the sea, you might still find some stuff you’ll like!

What’s over there, you ask? Hmmmm… Let’s see. 

Here’s a recent series I did on basic underwater photography tips and tricks.

And here are some of the videos I made from our dives around Indonesia this summer – the Underwater Dance Party is my favorite.

I’m also working on some other fishy products (wait, that doesn’t sound right…) that I hope to be sharing with you soon!

For those uninterested in diving, no worries. I will still post my creative projects and thoughts here from time to time. For now, the sea seems to be calling to me more and more, and all my creative pursuits revolve around fish and weird ocean creatures. I’m sure these two worlds will continue to overlap – I’m just happy to have you be part of either of them.

Have a good weekend!

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